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The Coolest Cats around are back in town.

In this issue, we follow up with Mr. Whiskers at satellite offices of the law firm Pawstein, Litterman and Meown. Mr. Whiskers and Dash have done it now! Real estate mogul and all-around shady businessman, Mamba Stevens, shows up with news. Mr. Whiskers, after being attacked by Snowball, decides he needs to get it together and do some work.

Mr. Whiskers and Dash haven’t been bringing in the big bucks and are behind on the rent for the satellite office. Stevens is there to break the news that he’s not picking up their option and will be renting the space to a new tenant in the next 90 days. What will Mr. Whiskers do? Where’s Dash? What is Snowball up to?

Check out the older issues of Attorneys at Claw. See how the coolest cats around got into this mess.

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