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The Chicken Sandwich to End Humanity

On August 12th, 2019, Popeye’s Chicken turned the world on its head with the release of their first chicken sandwich. To some, this wasn’t an event worth losing your mind over. However, to the foodie community at large, this was a moment in time that MUST be experienced. Popeye’s originally started in Louisiana back in 1972, since then they have never featured anything other than their delicious fried chicken. No sandwiches, no subs, nothing but golden brown fried chicken and sides that rival any professional chef’s arsenal of appetizers.

This sandwich is the foodie equivalent of the Berlin Wall coming down.

The Great Chicken Sandwich Wars of 2019

Which brings us to our current situation, one soaked in human blood and chicken grease.

It didn’t take long for ‘Fear of Missing Out’ to set in among the nation, creating lines of customers out the door and backups in every drive-thru across America. Employees are being pushed beyond their limit as Popeye’s struggles to meet demand, all while the competition, primarily Chic-Fil-A and Wendy’s, continue to beef (pun intended) over social media. As the Chicken Wars continue to escalate, we here at MTR the Network question, why does it need to be this way?

As much as we love fast food fried chicken, the ultimate chicken sandwich has already been created. The one sandwich to rule them all exists and it’s right here in Baltimore.

B-R-D Aint Nothin’ Ta Fuck With

For those unfamiliar with the Baltimore area, Remington is home to R House, a food hall with some of the most unique eats in the entire city. From tacos to dessert cakes, R House offers something for everyone. For those seeking true enlightenment, there is only BRD! Established in 2016, BRD offers five different mouth-watering chicken sandwiches and wings with five different sauces. While my best friend is eclectic enough to have tried the entire menu, I have only ever eaten one sandwich, the Baltimore BRD.

BRD Review

Simplistic in its design, the Baltimore BRD comes with pickles, old bay and the signature BRD sauce smothered all over the freshly fried and roasted chicken breast. The sandwich is so big I’m never sure if I’m eating two stacked chicken breasts or one giant piece of animal, neither of which I would complain about.

Aside from the Baltimore BRD there’s the Katsu Sando, Angry Buffalo, Hanoi Hen and the Jamaican Jerk. All of which deserve an honorable mention for being creative and delicious as hell. But it’s the hometown hero, the Baltimore BRD, that we feel has the power to end the great Chicken Wars of 2019.

The Sandwich

Simply put, it’s bigger than any other chicken sandwich and its flavor is unparalleled. It may cost slightly more than a #1 at Chick-Fil-A or a spicy chicken combo at Wendy’s, but it is worth every penny.  So, I implore you, chicken crazed masses, cast of your fast food shackles and come to Baltimore! No longer will you desire the random flaky crunch of Popeye’s, no longer will you want to bathe yourself in sweet Polynesian sauce, no longer will you wait in a never ending line of… actually, scratch that, there is usually a slight line waiting at BRD but once you finally reach the counter, you will be greeted by a friendly face and the smell of savory liberation!


-Crown City Cook


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