5 Great Black Friday Deals

Are You Ready for Black Friday 2019?

It’s just after midnight on Thanksgiving. If you’re reading this, than that means you are currently plotting out your Black Friday deals like us. While all the major stores are sure to have unbeatable deals, we wanted to give you a quick run down of the stores we’re looking forward to shopping at the most. Good luck out there and happy hunting!


Gamestop’s early Black Friday deals were great, but today marks the sale of many more games and discounts on systems with added content. If I didn’t already own a PS4, I’d definitely get the 1TB system for $300. Instead there is MediEvil, the Sega Classic Collection, Bloodstain and Enter the Gungeon to buy at discounted prices.


Are you Nike or Adidas? The age old question is still relevant today, and while I can’t speak for the entire Network, I am very much adidas. They’re site sale covers basically everything on their site, although it feels like there’s more jackets than hoodies. Best of all, for the soccer fan, there is a solid selection of Real Madrid, Man United, Arsenal and FC Bayern hear. This is your best chance to get a pair of EQTs, Boosts or Alphabounce at a great price!


My dad was always a big fan of Kohl’s, surprisingly. I mean, how can you not spend Kohl’s cash immediately? Their sale is store wide and every $50 spent nets you $15 dollars Kohl’s cash. Fortunately that deal will be around until next week but any good shopper knows now is the time to get that Kohl’s money!


Everyone’s favorite department store you pronounce like a French word. Like Kohl’s, they’re sale is store wide and already in progress. Personally, I’m looking to snag some new kitchen appliances like an instapot and a Ninja Pro blender. Unfortunately, their sale on AirPods doesn’t feel like much of a sale at all, but their other Apple products have a solid discount.


Of all the sporting goods stores you could shop that, Modell’s has some of the best deals. The shoes and athletic wear are from all the top brands and there’s always a wide range of Baltimore gear. I plan to get several new pairs of athletic sweat pants… please don’t judge me

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