For Dead?

For Dead

MTR Podcasts Proudly Presents Attorneys At Claw – For Dead?

In this installment of MTR The Network Presents Attorney’s At Claw, treachery is afoot and decisions are made.

For weeks, Mr. Whiskers has been absent from the law office leaving Dash and Snow to address the dog cartel, Barcos, trial.

So many thing have been on Mr. Whiskers’ mind – ranging from guilt in abandoning Snow and Dash to a paranoia that he’s being followed. He feels like he’s been shadowed.

Mr. Whiskers is leaving for a break and is seen off by Vermin International’s malevolent founder, Ratchard Vermington III. Mr. Whiskers has been providing information to A.Doberman about the inner workings of Vermin International but he’s been missing for a few weeks.

Mr. Whiskers decides to leave Vermin International as he’s gotten pretty deep and something doesn’t feel right. He’s going to meet up with Snow and Dash to really sort things out and help on the case. He walks down a dark alley and encounters a shadowy figure and is attacked by someone wearing the glove.

Could it be Dash? Or Snow or someone else? Will Mr. Whiskers be left for dead?

Find out on the next issue of MTR Podcasts Proudly Presents Attorneys At Claw

Check out the next issue to answer these questions and more.

Check out the older issues of Attorneys at Claw. See how the coolest cats around got into this mess.

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