Taking Orders

MTR The Network has it’s own comic – Attorneys at Claw. The genesis of this comic came from Rob Lee’s love of the old Rankin/Bass Cartoons.

One day he riffed with his girlfriend and thought “SWAT Kats had to have a judicial branch. Is there only vigilante justice in Megakat City?”

Attorneys at Claw is our monthly comic that details the misadventures of two feline lawyers and best friends, Mr. Whiskers & Dash.

In this installment of Attorneys at Claw, intern Daryl, speaks to Mr. Whiskers & Dash about the recent case. Daryl is punctual and good at taking orders. Since Mr. Whiskers & Dash senior attorneys at the firm, it’s important that they communicate effectively with clients and their intern, Daryl. We learn how effective their communication styles are. Also, the writing credits for this episode go to Rob’s girlfriend. This comic is only a snippet of her stellar writing abilities. Enjoy.

Let us know what you think about the first installment at our mailbag – lordlee@mtrthenetwork.com

Stay tuned for the next installment of Attorneys At Claw.

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