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This week Rob Lee & Just_Greg give their takes on the streaming wars.

We also discuss our impressions on the new platform Disney Plus, and the streaming sites from video to music that we’re fucking with. We discuss Sports for a bit. We give our takes on Cleveland Browns’ Defensive End Myles Garrett & Pittsburgh Steelers’ Quarterback Mason Rudolf Thursday night football fight. What will be the outcome? How many games will Myles Garrett get? Was Mason Rudolf the instigator? Was Myles just helping Mason with his helmet? Also, we review Colin Kaepernick’s  proposed NFL workout (recorded before the actual workout). Finally, Rob Lee & Just_Greg put their names in the ordinary people magazine Sexiest Man of Year contest. We’re taking you down, John Legend.

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Attorney’s At Claw the misadventures of two cats doing their best to make a living in this cat-eat-cat world. Mr. Whiskers is based on Rob Lee and Dash is based on Dann D. Attorney’s At Claw is like Nelson/Murdock but with our favorite pot-smoking felines. Unofficially Black’s Just_Greg is the intern Snowball in this comic.
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