Mastermind Team’s Robcast – Ordering From Wokanda

On this episode of Mastermind Team’s Robcast you hate to see it!!!!

The American Wave Rob Lee and Torin “Don’t Call Me Tron” are back! What would you sacrifice to gain something? Rob’s history of dating witches. We break it down in this episode. 

New Challenger

New Challenger has stories including:

  • Man overdoses on Black Licorice
  • ‘Trump Beat COVID’ Commemorative coins
  • Muscle bound delivery sushi
  • White Male New Hampshire Professor Poses As Woman of Color

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Hosted by
Rob Lee

Rob Lee, the King snake, Thulsa Doom, Lord Lee and the list goes on. The man has as many aliases as Method Man. He's also man with many interests from pop culture to human behavior. He's patterned his life after bolsterous comedians such as Patrice O'Neal, fictional lovers such as Lee Plenty and Japanese weirdo wrestlers like as Shinsuke Nakamura. If you know who any of these people are, Rob Lee is for you. Check him out on Robcast and Mtrocast weekly on

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