Get ready to throw rope for an all-new episode of The Mastermind Team’s Robcast!

The Legendary Duo, Rob Lee and Dann D are finally back together in the same room!

Rob discusses the hassles of Quarantine shopping, a fast food-inspired metal band and plans for the next great American documentary. Move over, Tiger King, because the Gator Emperor is here to stay! 

Dann talks about the time he almost got into a fight at a moody alt-rock show, porn based off of Hanna-Barbera characters, the theoretical ownership of memes and discovering the existence of the Smithsonian channel.

Meanwhile, Rob and Dann create a brand new genre of music that is primed to take America by storm.

New Challenger

Dann must navigate through a vicious cycle of news stories involving:

Pornographic Mail Drops

A Meth Fueled Date Night

Unfortunate Curfew Sirens

Cheesecake Scandals and Crab Leg Theft

Half-Naked Samurais

Historical Curse Words

Roadside Assault

Whether you stream now or download and listen later, you don’t want to miss the episode verified by the CDC!

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Rob Lee

Rob Lee, the King snake, Thulsa Doom, Lord Lee and the list goes on. The man has as many aliases as Method Man. He's also man with many interests from pop culture to human behavior. He's patterned his life after bolsterous comedians such as Patrice O'Neal, fictional lovers such as Lee Plenty and Japanese weirdo wrestlers like as Shinsuke Nakamura. If you know who any of these people are, Rob Lee is for you. Check him out on Robcast and Mtrocast weekly on

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