Getting To The Truth In This Art with Codetta Bake Shop

Welcome to Getting To The Truth In This Art.

This week I have the pleasure of speaking with founder and chief baker Sumayyah Bilal of Codetta Bake Shop.

“At Codetta Bake Shop, we aim to be Baltimore’s premier dessert provider for generations to come. We have combined 15 years of baking experience with truly quality ingredients, perfect execution, and endless creativity. This has left us with a line of products that is unmatched and ever-changing.

Our menu is constantly growing and adapting to the needs of our customers and the interests and desires of our baking team. We draw inspiration from all corners of the culinary world as well from our own whimsical curiosity and love of experimentation. There is essentially no idea for a product or flavor that a customer can bring to us that we won’t try.

We named our company Codetta Bake Shop because it encompasses the two greatest passions of our founder and baker-in-chief, Sumayyah Bilal, music and baking. Codetta is a musical term that means “little coda”. It is the concluding musical section that puts an exclamation point on the main piece, in the same way a stunning dessert finishes off a meal. “


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