3 – Getting the Truth in this Art – Aunt Kelly’s Cookies and Sophomore Coffee

Welcome to ‘Getting to the Truth in this Art’.

This podcast is dedicated to artists of all sorts from rapper to Baristas. There’s no set definition of art. Previous guests on this podcast include DJ James Nasty and Eze Jackson. Also, this podcast was fueled by Trump’s comments about Baltimore. Rob Lee thought it is important to show the reality of Baltimore. There’s too much external and internal focus on crime and negativity which depersonalizes a community of people, ideas and cultures that make Baltimore unique and familiar. He thought putting together a podcast with people he admires in and around the city would be better than releasing weekly diss tracks against the POTUS. This week Rob Lee sits down with Aunt Kelly from Aunt Kelly’s Cookies as well as Kris of Sophomore Coffee. Both businesses are operated by unique, artsy folks, Kelly at Aunt Kelly’s Cookies and Kris at Sophomore Coffee, that chose to set up shop in Baltimore. These are real people who are doing something positive in Baltimore and want to succeed here.

Aunt Kelly’s Cookies

“WE ARE SO COMMITTED TO MAKING DELICIOUS COOKIES FROM SCRATCH!  Fresh Ingredients, Chewy with a Crunch. Pure Butter Crunch Goodness!”

The above message is from Aunt Kelly’s Cookies Official site – that commitment is tasted in every bite. Rob Lee visited the bakery during the summer for an event on Antiques Row in Baltimore. He was surprised that a shop baked butter crunch cookies since typically Linden Cookies has that style sewn up, locally. Weeks later Rob went back wanting something sweet and he met, Aunt Kelly, learned about the story behind the bakery and, of course got some cookies. Aunt Kelly’s cookies presents a sense of nostalgia with the Butter Crunch cookies, which were a staple of middle and high school cafeterias in Baltimore, and Baltimore, since the physical location is on Antiques Row. Check out Aunt Kelly’s Cookies and tell them MTR Podcasts sent you – 857 N. Howard Street Baltimore, Maryland 21201.

Sophomore Coffee

Rob Lee drinks a lot of coffee. Much like beer, Rob is a snob for coffee meaning he won’t drink just any coffee. So Rob had apprehension when he first visited Sophomore. He thought it would be the hipster coffee place. It is but in the best, warmest and most inclusive way. It’s hipster in the since that there’s a variety of people and items from Vegan Donuts to Oat milk. They’re accommodating, knowledgeable and welcoming. Coffee and coffee education is what comes to mind when thinking of Sophomore Coffee. They do it right. Sophomore makes the coffee experience an enjoyable experience. An experience that Rob does weekly. Getting coffee from Sophomore is like visiting your friends. The coffee experience is more important than going to Dunkin’ and getting some slug. The coffee experience is one that should be looked at with eagerness. Sophomore captures that. Check out Sophomore Coffee and and tell them MTR Podcasts sent you –  2223 Maryland Ave, Baltimore, MD 21218

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