Operation Burn1 | 8 Episode 7

Operation Burn1 | 8

The fat one and the dreaded one are back to talk cookouts, slutes, 60 year old gangsters, Raz-B, Lil Boosie, NBA, MMA and more. Locate yer lighters. Download Here Related articles MMA News: Is Steven Segal MMA’s Best Kept Secret...

Operation Burn1 | 7 Episode 6

Operation Burn1 | 7

Download Here Rudo and Rob Lee welcome Rell. The guys discuss the NBA playoffs, the Loss-er-Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James. The guys also talk Baltimore Orioles baseball and much more. Related articles Operation Burn1: Session 7 (mtrthenetwork...

Operation Burn1 |  6 Episode 5

Operation Burn1 | 6

  Rudo and Rob Lee catch up; the boys discuss Fast Five, NFL Draft and much more. Download Here Related Articles 51: She Said She Wanted A Sample ( 3. I Put You On To ( I Put You On To 6 (

Operation Burn1 | 5 Episode 4

Operation Burn1 | 5

  Dann D. joins Young Rudo and Rob Lee to discuss women,420, Mark Wahlberg and Forest Whitaker movies, and goatsy buttholes. Download Here Related Articles Operation Burn1 Notes: Kids ( Operation Burn1 Notes: Larger Women...

Operation Burn 1 | 4 Episode 3

Operation Burn 1 | 4

This a test, a test from the emergency burncast system. Mastermind Team’s Rob Lee and his younger brother, Rudo, are having smoke-filled conversations about getting old. Enjoy. Download Session 1 Download Session 2 Download Session 3...

Operation Burn1 | 3 Episode 2

Operation Burn1 | 3

Rob: Yo I’m mad yer son slapped me. I picked him up and he open-handed me baby-style Rudo: Yea. Rob: Then yo reach for my earrings and shit. He has a grip too. Rudo: Yea his mother was like “Rudy, you won’t believe what...