Mastermind Team’s Robcast 268 | Choking on My Own Rage

Mastermind Team’s Robcast is the Best Podcast In Baltimore!

Rob Lee and Dann D are back with an all new episode of Robcast!

After a brief discussion about Columbo, Dann goes on a rant about Amazon Prime Day. Amazon Prime is a huge plus but Amazon Prime Day or week is pretty lackluster.

Rob discusses his weekend spent at Blerdcon and his re-emerging interest in anime. Blerdcon is an amazing event in DC that brings together fans in an inclusive and geeky way. Which Dragon Ball Super character fits your persona? Is Rob Vegeta? Is Dann Lord Beerus? 

The Meme That Ended The World

Later, Dann goes on yet another rant about Area 51. Where do you stand on the existence of extraterrestrials? Are you stupid enough to believe in the worst meme of 2019? Our old pal Charles Darwin might disagree with you. Rob gives honorable mention to FaceApp which he deems the ‘washed app’.

Underrated and Proud

What are some of your favorite underrated movies? Rob discusses a list of movies that were critically enjoyed but fell below the total box office success that merits a sequel by today’s standards.

You don’t want to miss the episode that is not available for a Prime discounts.

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