7 Essential Halloween Candies

It’s that magical time of year again

When all the trees turn autumnal colors and the wind begins to pick up on a daily basis. That special time of year before we brace ourselves for the rest of the holiday season. Before our thoughts turn to the red and green blur that is Christmas, we here at MTR the Network want to celebrate the Halloween season with a list of the seven most essential candies to look out for when trick or treating.

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Candy Corn

Before you close your browser, hear me out. Can you name another candy that is so synonymous with the Halloween? Its colors are even meant to invoke fond memories of Fall seasons past before you pop it in your mouth and realize you’re eating a nugget of pure sugar. Despite being hated in most communities, candy corns have come far enough that you can find them in a variety of shapes, although I wouldn’t recommend the giant pumpkins unless you want diabetes.


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Reese Cups

Grant it, there is never a bad time for a Reese Cup, but it doesn’t feel like Halloween unless you have peanut butter covered in chocolate. First introduced in 1928, this candy has gone on to include ingredients like hazelnut cream, honey roast peanut butter, marshmallow and banana crème. All of these flavors sound great, but it’s the original peanut butter and chocolate combo that continues to be Reese’s biggest seller and one of our favorite candies here at MTR the Network.


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Did you know that Smarties were originally created and distributed in 1949? Honestly, I thought they were MUCH older than that. They seem like the perfect wartime candy that lifted the country’s spirits back during World War 1. While it may seem like I am dissing these post-wartime treats, I assert that Smarties are also synonyms with the holiday. Can you remember a single Halloween where a roll or two of Smarties didn’t show up in your trick or treat bag? I know I can’t.


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Sweet Tarts

The sour flavored sugar rush every kid loved in the 90’s. Introduced almost fifteen years after Smarties, Sweet Tarts were first invented using the same basic recipe as Nestle’s Pixie Stix. Slightly bigger than Smarties and sold in rolls like Smarties, they were an instant hit for their fruity flavor within their sour as hell exterior. These candies have been so profitable for Wonka brand candies that they eventually took the hard tablet candy and turned it into a gummy as well as a large chewy disk that was like a cross between taffy and Now or Laters. Around Halloween, people give out the special trick or treat sized Sweet Tarts that come three to a pack, another candy that litters every trick or treat bag across the country.


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Fruity Tootsie Rolls

Growing up, I remember only getting fruity flavored tootsie rolls on Halloween. At no point the rest of the year did I find these candies decorating the candy dishes of friends and family. They always felt like an illusion that only appeared in the month of October, something to savor because life is short… I miss being so young that you don’t realize you can get stuff at any major store that sold bags of candy year-round. You can even find Fruity Tootsie Rolls in the candy aisle at the Dollar Store these days.


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Dubble-Bubble Gum

The bright yellow and blue wrapper that got every kid in trouble coming up in school. It took twenties years from its original invention to be produced into the candy we know today but Double Bubble continues to be a fan favorite for its overall soft texture, something that Bazooka still has problems with. I remember feeling incredibly lucky to end up with a few pieces of grape Double Bubble in my trick or treat bag, seeing as how grape was the rarest flavor of gum at the time.


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Anything by Hersey’s

It’s hard to picture Halloween without something made by Hersey’s. Their milk chocolate bar would be enough, but Hersey’s has gone the distance over time with candies that make it hard to choose despite their overall simplicity. Between the original Hersey bar, Krackle, Mr. Goodbar, the Almond bar, Kisses and Cookies and Cream, it’s hard to go trick or treating and not find someone giving out Hersey candies. Despite a few minor recalls in the past, Hersey products continue to be loved by all, ensuring that they will be a Halloween staple forevermore.


We hope you enjoyed this list of essential Halloween candies and hope everyone has a Happy Halloween! Don’t forget to check out our links below for more blogs and info on MTR the Network!




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